water conservation has many advantages for businesses.

  • In garden nurseries the preservation of water from roof run off can be made more efficient.
  • For businesses with a high water usage it can reduce the amount taken from the mains and many processes do not require high levels of purity.
  • Where fleets of vehicles need to be washed on a regular basis it can reduce the dependency on the mains.
  • It can supply water for toilets and washing down facilities.
  • Coolant water is available as required and can be re-cycled again and again.
  • Softer water is available with less limescale problems in hard water areas.
  • UV treatment and filtration can be added to increase water purity.


  • Save money
  • Cut your water bill
  • Run multiple taps
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Good for the environment
  • Drought beeting
  • No more hose pipe ban
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