domestic water conservation has many advantages

  • It helps to preserve our precious resources for secondary use without the expense of water treatment and piping.
  • It reduces our use of metered water saving money and power requirements to get it to us.
  • It can be used when required without restriction.
  • It is there for use on precious, rare or prized specimen plants.
  • It can be used for car washing when a hosepipe ban is in force.
  • It can be used in washing machines and toilets without the need for treatment
  • It can be used for a backup supply of drinkable water or hot tub refilling after suitable UV treatment which is simple to apply.
  • Catches all the water that falls and makes good use of heavy downpours which can be wasted due to increase run-off.


  • Save money
  • Cut your water bill
  • Run multiple taps
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Good for the environment
  • Drought beeting
  • No more hose pipe ban
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