rainwater harvesting & collection

Collecting Rain before it returns to the soil and filters way is an ancient practice and has only fallen into disuse on a local scale due to the availability of piped water fit for immediate consumption.

Just as in many other things we are being urged to preserve what we have and to recycle as much as possible of our precious resources; water is fast becoming a scarce resource. Water harvesting, as it has become known, has become important as part of the conservation methods now being adopted.

Here at County Water Conservation we appreciate the need for that ability to preserve and offer a full and comprehensive service for the supply and installation of a system to suit your circumstances.

All our schemes are designed both to your requirements and the availability of collection from your downpipes. Be it a fully integrated underground system with supply to washing machines and toilets or a simple but enlarged above ground collection, we will tailor it to suit.

We not only calculate the amount likely to be collected but the amount you might use and the potential usage you could make of that water so that you can minimise your need to draw from the mains.

Garden plants can be saved from death by drought when a hose pipe ban is in force and plants under glass and vegetable crops can be sustained. You can even have automatic watering to preserve you r precious plants when away.

We would like to discuss any thoughts you might have and any project, large or small , will be treated with our thorough attention to detail. We also design, with the option of install, for commercial ventures and housing communities and the use of water for commercial enterprises.


  • Save money
  • Cut your water bill
  • Run multiple taps
  • Cheap to maintain
  • Good for the environment
  • Drought beeting
  • No more hose pipe ban
Best in terms of value for money    Best in terms of quality materials    Best in terms of quality solutions

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